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Band clamp, short

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picture of article Band clamp, short
Band clamp, short
Art.No. 6536
3,03 €inclusive VAT, plus shipping costs
Delivery in 1-3 days
Rebound strap for mounting of sleeve rubbers of universal shafts
long band clamp (for example for mounting of sleeve rubber on shaft joint), for diameter from 25mm up to 50mm
  • the band clamp have to bent around the sleeve rubber by hand, so that it clinging to the sleeve rubber in best way
  • fixing this position by hooking into
  • spanning the band clamp with a pincers
  • ready

picture of the mounted long rebound strap at a wheel side sleeve rubber (universal shaft):
mounted rebound strap
In the exploded view Band clamp, short is number 6536.
Band clamp, short is number 6536

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