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Latest current Website, naturally about the Trabant, with messages from the press, meeting dates and club list. Even TV recommendations for Trabant drivers are given.


Here extreme changes at the Trabant are made. A car with the optics Trabant 500 and the power of an AUDI TT belong here nearly to kind of condition.

Our Camptourist

Extensive information to the model rows of the folding caravan Camptourist.

Liz Cohen

is an American performance artist currently specializing in an installation art project called Bodywork. This is a long-term exploration of the conversion vehicle / lowrider culture, as well as the experience of a woman as a custom car model. Cohen is taking a Trabant and modifying it so that it will be able to convert by means of hydraulic or pneumatic mechanisms into a Chevy El Camino -- a Trabantimino. Simultaneously, Cohen is trying to "convert" her own physical body into one worthy of a car-show bikini model.

Mongol Rallye

One of the hardest, craziest and wounderfullest ways which was droven by an Wartburg 353. Two enthustiast mans Siegfried and Jonas Echterhoff startet 2007 with there Team “Wartburg Tourists” the 16000km long challenge from London to Ulan Bator. An stunning trip with brilliant pictures. We supported this project by donations in kind. -----
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