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Copper pipe 8x1

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Copper pipe 8x1
Art.No. 7572
45,37 €inclusive VAT, plus shipping costs
Delivery in 1-3 days
price per meter: 9,07 Euro
Pipes made of copper as an 5m collar.
The copper tube is an ductile, seamless streched and easy by hand bendabel.
Ideal and easy to apply for Old- and Youngtimes and lorrys as well.
Can be used for repair or complete production from scratch for fuel pipes, oel pipes or diesel pipes.
The copper material can by finished with an chrome plate after your work is done.
  • Material: copper
  • outside diamter: 8mm
  • inside diamter: 6mm
  • thickness: 1mm
  • length: 5m Bund

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