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Clutch set W1.3

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Clutch set W1.3
Art.No. 6561
490,00 €inclusive VAT, plus shipping costs
Quantity: 0temporary not available
temporary not available
Delivery only in exchange! Please send in advance one brake cylinder original IFA to our company.
If the clutch slips during driving with 3. or 4. gear, the clutch components have to change.

This clutch set fits to all variants of Wartburg 1.3 (with 4-stroke engine).


  • 180mm clutch
  • 180mm cluch disc with springs
  • release bearing

All parts are made or overhauled in Germany.
For more informations to this exchange part please use the Detail button.

Details about the exchange parts:
This spare part we can only deliver in direct exchange.
Please send one overhaulable clutch disc and one overhaulable clutch (original IFA production) to our company in advance. After checking the delivered parts for the possibility of overhauling we will send you the prepaid invoice.


Particularly if clutch and release bearing were not exchanged during the last changes of clutch disc it is recommend to change all three components of clutch system. The reliabilty will be higher and additional wasteful reparations are not necessary.
As a general rule it is recommend to change the clutch and release bearing, too if clutch disc is changed.
The compressive force of disk spring of clutch will be lower in process of time. The disk spring can broke easier.
The main unit of release bearing is the ball bearing. This part wears out too especially if sealing of the bearing is damaged. So the clutch dust can invade and the bearing wears out faster.

Information about the deposit:

The clutch and clutch disc are to exchange for the old one, to enable the overhauling. There are two possibilties to get this clutch set.
(1) The old cluch + clutch disc (worned out) are to ship to us before we ship the new set (after an acknowledged order).
(2) You have to pay additional 30,00 Euro (deposit for old clutch + clutch disc) in your invoice. After you shipped back these parts to us, the money (30,00 Euro) will be transfered back to your account. Please put a slip of paper with your customer no., invoice no. and your (international) bank account details or better your email address of PayPal account on it into the parcel (Or tell us this informations by email). You have to pay the shipping costs for yourself.

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