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Cylinder head nut

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Barkas B 1000 > Spare parts > Engine

picture of article Cylinder head nut
Cylinder head nut
Art.No. 6318
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cylinder head nut fit to:
  • Wartburg-353, 2-stroke, 3-cylinder,1000ccm or 1200ccm, 8 or 12 bolts
  • Wartburg-3112-stroke, 3-cylinder,900 or 1000ccm, 8 or 12 bolts
  • Barkas-B1000,2-stroke, 3-cylinder,1000ccm, 8 bolts

The tightening torque and the sequence of mounting of the cylinder head nuts you can find at (Details)

1000 ccm1000 ccm900 ccm1200 ccm1000ccm
8 bolts8 or 12 bolts8 or 12 bolts12 bolts8 bolts

In the exploded view Cylinder head nut is number 6318.
Cylinder head nut is number 6318

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