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Brake caliper, single part, right side (W353/W1.3/S105/S120)

Brake caliper, single part, right side (W353/W1.3/S105/S120) is a part of product categorys:
Wartburg 353 > Spare parts > Brakes > Front brake
Wartburg 1.3 > Spare parts > Brakes > Front brake

picture of article Brake caliper, single part, right side (W353/W1.3/S105/S120)
Brake caliper, single part, right side (W353/W1.3/S105/S120)
Art.No. 6726
165,00 €inclusive VAT, plus shipping costs
Delivery in 1-3 days
Delivery only in exchange! Please send in advance one brake cylinder original IFA to our company.
Wartburg has got at the front axle a 4-piston caliper (fixed suddle)

The caliper right side is complete remanufactured:
  • new sealed joint face of both caliper case halves and mounted with new high-tension bolts
  • surface electrogalvanized with olic draped colour
  • four new pistons with new sealing rings and dust caps
  • new bleed screws with rubber caps

Delivery as single part without attachments (Cotter pin for brake lining (5x80), Spring clamp for brake lining and brake lining have to ordered additional).

For more informations to this exchange part please use the Detail button.

Details about the exchange parts:
This spare part we can only deliver in direct exchange.
Please send one overhaulable brake caliper (original IFA production), case type: Wartburg right hand to our company in advance. After checking the delivered parts for the possibility of overhauling we will send you the prepaid invoice.

HerstellerModellreiheFahrzeugBaujahr von bisKWPSccm2.1 (alt zu 2)2.2 (alt zu 3)
SKODA RAPID (120G, 130G, 135G) 1.3 (130G) 08.1987-10.1991 395312808002320
SKODA RAPID (120G, 130G, 135G) 1.3 S (135GL) 09.1984-12.1990 435812808002322 / 330
SKODA RAPID (120G, 130G, 135G) 1.3 (130G) 03.1985-08.1988 456112808002315
SKODA 130GL 08.1987-10.1991 395312808002321
SKODA 130GL (S135) 05.1988-10.1991 435812808002324
SKODA 130L,GL 02.1985-10.1991 456112808002316 / 317
SKODA 130G,GL (S136) 05.1988-10.1991 466312808002323 / 325
WARTBURG 3531.0 04.1969-02.1975 3750992873306 / 310
WARTBURG 3531.0 (353 W 000) 02.1975-08.1988 3750993873300
WARTBURG 353 Tourist 1.0 04.1969-02.1975 3750992873309 / 313
WARTBURG 353 Tourist 1.0 02.1975-01.1989 3750993873301 / 304

single caliper of Wartburg
In the exploded view Brake suddle left side is number 3076.
Explosion view of brake caliper at front axle

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Delivery in 1-3 days
185,00 €inclusive VAT, plus shipping costs

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