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Engine block 50hp

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Engine block 50hp
Art.No. 6482
1636,25 €inclusive VAT, plus shipping costs
Delivery in 1-3 days
Please note: Delivery without crankshaft!
Delivery only in exchange! Please send in advance one brake cylinder original IFA to our company.
engine mount for Wartburg 353 engine with 50 horse power.
Motor block is nutshells blasded for cleaning and coated wit 2-K varnish (black).
Cylinders are grinded and honed, inclusice 3 pistions made in Germany.
Scope of delivery complete with pistons, piston rings and pistion pins.
Please click on Detail for more informations about this exchange part.

Details about the exchange parts:
This spare part we can only deliver in direct exchange.
Please send one overhaulable cylinder block type 50hp (original IFA production)
to our company in advance. After checking the delivered parts for the possibility of overhauling we will send you the prepaid invoice.

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