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toggle retainer for shirr

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picture of article toggle retainer for shirr
toggle retainer for shirr
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toggle holder for shirr of trailer tarpaulin
(can be mounted with a fitting screw on side walls of trailer (for instance wooden side walls of trailer type HP 300 and HP 400)
On top of the toggle is a blind hole to countersunk the screw head a little bit.
  • material: black plastic
  • diameter of mounting hole: 6 mm
  • high of toggle: 13,5 mm
  • diameter of the plane side (lying on the side wall): 25 mm
  • diameter of groove: 12 mm
  • diameter of collar (disabled the shirr to slip down): 20 mm
  • inner-diamter of countersunk: 12,7 mm
  • depth of countersunk: 2,5 mm

picture of HP 300 trailer with tarpauline. To see are also the (mostly white) toggle holde for shirr, mounted on the wooden side walls of the trailer.
HP 300

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