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elring seal repair kit

elring seal repair kit is a part of product category workshop requirement

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elring seal repair kit
Art.No. 6218
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temporary not available
set of different seal plates to customized seals himself

1x seal plate with metall inside for temperatures abouve +200°C
thickness: 1,25 mm, for instance for cylinder heads or exhaust manifold
1x seal plate EWP 207 for temperatures upt to +200°C
thickness: 0,75 mm, for instance for valve-, gear box caps, axle, intake manifold
1x Abil-plate 1,0 for temperatures up to +100°C; thickness 1,0 mm
for instance for flanges, thermostat, Steuergehäuse
1x Abil-Platte 0,5 für Temperaturen bis +100°C; Dicke 0,5 mm
z. B. für Flansche, Thermostat, control housing

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